Is it always racism?

Why is it routinely assumed to be racism whenever a black or Hispanic individual suffers an injury or death at the hands of a white individual? Is it because African-Americans were enslaved prior to 150 years ago and Latinos were treated so poorly by the Spanish? Do blacks believe all Caucasians are racists because so many African-Americans were lynched before the civil rights movement? Do Latinos believe the same as the blacks because they think the United States had stolen the land from their ancestors during the Mexican-American War? Is it because blacks and Hispanics didn’t have equal access to every opportunity as their Caucasian counterparts until the 1970’s? Whatever the reason, many African-Americans and Latinos still distrust white America. Perhaps black and Hispanic America mistakenly believe that white individuals routinely shoot other African-Americans and Latinos. Well according to FBI statistics that simply is not correct. Of all the African-American homicides in the U.S. during 2012 (, less 8 than percent were committed by Caucasians.
The day it was revealed that Michael Brown was killed by a white police officer, the African-American residents of Ferguson, Missouri were proclaiming murder. Yes, Mr. Brown was unarmed at the time of his death but, he was also 6 foot 4, weighed 290 pounds and had just committed a strong-arm, robbery no less than 15 minutes before he was shot! In addition, it has been reported, by numerous publications including the U.K Daily Mail, that Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Michael Brown, had fought with Brown and was severely injured including a fractured eye socket, before firing the fatal shots. ( In fact, there have been reports (, that more than a dozen witnesses who say Mr Brown did indeed attack Officer Wilson prior to being killed.
Despite an incomplete investigation, many people, including the President of the United States, Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri, the Brown family attorneys, and members of the media have essentially already convicted Officer Wilson with their statements. A few days after the incident Governor Nixon made a statement saying, “…a vigorous prosecution (of Officer Wilson) must be pursued,” even though he didn’t have all the facts. ( Shouldn’t someone such as Governor Nixon wait until the investigation is over before finding Officer Wilson guilty? Whatever happened to innocent til proven guilty! If indeed Officer Wilson executed Michael Brown then he should be prosecuted. Until then, can’t we at least be civil towards one another, not lump everyone of the same race together, and not rush to judgment.


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