Confederate Flag Hypocrisy

I’m tired of all the hypocrisy associated with government agencies, politics and the media. I’m tired of law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, classifying one mass murder at a church as an act of terrorism and another mass murder in the name of Allah at a military base as work place violence. I’m especially tired of the politicians and journalists condemning one group’s actions and praising or ignoring another group for doing the same action. The latest example are the calls to remove the Confederate flag, and the outrage over ISIS destroying “precious” artifacts. Those calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from all state grounds, if not the entire country believe said flag is racist, offensive and causes people to commit crimes. They’re example is suspected, white supremacist, Dylann Roof who is accused of murdering nine people in a Charleston, North Carolina church. I don’t know about you, but no flag or any other object has made me do anything. We seem to want to blame something other than the person who pulled the trigger. The Confederate flag didn’t get him the gun nor did it coerce him to shoot those nine innocents, but I digress.
What is so hypocritical is the fact that many of the same politicians and members of the press are upset about ISIS destroying ancient artifacts from civilizations that also had slaves. They don’t seem to be too concerned about the number of innocent people killed by ISIS or how they were murdered by the terrorist group rather they’re more concerned that pieces of the past are gone forever. Do the flags of the United Kingdom, France, China, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have to come down also? Each of the countries just listed had slaves and some still do! Shouldn’t the people of the civilized world be more concerned about the nations that still permit slavery and use every means to end slavery? Why should individuals be so troubled over an object that no longer represents what it used to represent. The Confederate States were defeated more than 170 years ago and segregation ended almost 60 years ago. In addition, where is it written that we are to protected from being offended? It is time to concentrate on more important issues such as the economy, health care and international terrorism!


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