Three more republicans drop out

Then there were nine. Following last Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, three more republican candidates, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Rand Paul, have suspended their campaigns for president. Question, why do candidates now suspend their campaigns when leaving the race instead of cancelling, discontinuing or ending them? After all, suspend means, “temporarily prevent from continuing or being in force or effect” but, none of the suspended campaigns have restarted again. I digress.
In my opinion, the candidates are “suspending” their campaigns because the three of them received less than ten percent of the vote, combined. Why have the aforementioned presidential candidates done so poorly? The primary reason is that most of the conservative and republican electorate, right or wrong, consider Huckabee, Paul and Santorum as insiders or part of the establishment. Conservatives and other republicans are tired of the establishment because despite promises to the contrary, congressional republicans have done little or nothing to rollback President Obama’s policies and those of his administration. They have failed to repeal or defund Obamacare, balance the budget, reduce federal spending or challenge Obama’s executive orders. They have neither curtailed the flow of illegal immigrants, reformed the TSA to make it more effective nor, reduced or eliminated the number of federal regulations. Secondarily, Huckabee and Santorum were seen as uninspiring while Paul’s ideas were thought to be currently irrelevant. The republican electorate wants a conservative, energizing outsider who will do what they promise and frankly, with the possible exception of Carly Fiorina, the lower tier candidates (those polling in single digits), are almost the complete opposite. The establishments of both parties had better realize what the people want or they may begin to see torches, pitchforks and a second American revolution.


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