Whiners and Lawyers Go Away!

I am tired of the…no, I am beyond tired. I am weary of the whiners; their trigger words, safe spaces, participation trophies and micro-aggressions. I am fed up with the wimps; the hyper-sensitive, the perpetually offended, (those offended personally and who are offended for other people), the political correctness militants and those that blame their personal circumstances on supposed unfairness or inequality. Most importantly, the individuals and groups, (primarily college students and millennials), that go into hysterics when exposed to a differing view or get emotionally distraught when an event, project or idea does not happen as predicted or occur as intended, leave me exhausted.

November eighth’s election is just the latest example. Following Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, colleges across the country have been treating their students, as if, an election loss is akin to a school shooting or a death in the family. According to, “The Wall Street Journal,” students at Cornell University had a “cry-in,” while the facility handed out tissues and hot chocolate, while the students at Tufts University were provided a time off from class for them to express their feelings about the election which came to be known as a “self-care” event. (http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2016/11/09/colleges-try-to-comfort-students-upset-by-trump-victory/) If that was not pathetic enough, in the same article of “The Wall Street Journal,” the University of Kansas offered their students use of the therapy dogs, available every other Wednesday and the students at the University of Michigan were provided Play-Doh and coloring books to cope with the “trauma.” Even now, though the election was called more than a month ago, many Clinton supporters still show their inability to cope with a Donald Trump victory in a variety of ways. It is being reported that Trump’s victory is compelling feminists to get extreme makeovers (http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/12/women-make-dramatic-beauty-moves-after-trumps-victory.html), is preventing some women from dating, is raising fears among women of increased misogyny or sexism and pushing Californians to secede from the United States. (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/calexit-californians-exit-trump-win-article-1.2866382)

America, what has happened to our country?! Where are our rugged individualists, our “never give up” and “roll with the punches,” attitude?! Consider this. Following the election of Barack Obama, neither the supporters John McCain in 2008 nor the supporters Mitt Romney in 2012 required self-help groups, therapy animals or hot chocolate. If there were such incidents, the media did not reveal such activities. We are raising a generation of weak-minded, emotionally immature, whiners. In the sixteenth century, a character in Shakespeare’s Henry VI part II, famously remarked, “The first thing we must do is kill all the lawers.” Politicians, attorneys and others in the legal system will tell you that, the proposal was not designed to restore sanity to commercial life. Rather, it was intended to eliminate those who might stand in the way of a contemplated revolution. Whether in all seriousness or in jest, I think including whiners in the mix is a fantastic idea. No, I am not seriously advocating for the death of attorneys or whiners but, perhaps we could place them all in a large city and wall it off; we could certainly use a lot fewer of them.


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